Ostomy Care

Includes Stoma care, PeriStomal Skin Care and wafer changes.





Colostomy Irrigation (for descending and sigmoid colostomies only)

The person living with a descending or sigmoid colostomy has the option of managing their colostomy with irrigation.  Irrigation is simply putting water into the colon through the stoma to help regulate bowel movements. Whether to irrigate is up to each person, but you should fully discuss it with your doctor before a decision is made. The procedure may be a little different depending on the experience of the person teaching you. Whether you will choose to irrigate your colostomy and how you do it depends on many factors, such as:

  • Your lifelong bowel habits.

  • Your skill and comfort level with irrigation.

  • Your personal feelings about the colostomy.

  • Your talks with your doctor or your ostomy nurse.








If you decide to irrigate, try to schedule at a time that most closely matches your body’s normal bowel habit or pattern. If you find certain foods or irrigation procedures help regulate your bowel movements, keep doing those things at the same time every day. Regular habits will promote regular bowel functions, but occasional changes in routine won’t harm you.